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Shadab Rizvi The Greatest Mistake a student Can Do in College!
Posted by Shadab Rizvi at 30 Nov 2013

If you view Colleges as machines which will get you a degree and possibly a Job .....then believe me folks will get a Degree and a Job eventally But you will loose 4 very very important years for Gaining Knowledge .........

After leaving college for more than 3 years like me start getting a much broader perspective on the purpose of College ...

1. Its Not just about getting the good Grades(I never got them anyways(Sour Grapes perhaps)) .

2. Its not just about getting a Job .

3. Its not just about having party all the time and studying all night and passing with Flying Colours....

Its about enriching your self with so much knowledge ,that you can visualize the Hi tech theories that are being taught to you , right infront of your eyes .... 

For me its about questioning the Theories that are being fed to you by our Teachers.... 

  But most of us, accept whatever piece of information, thats thrown at us ...Basically because of the reasons below:

1. We feel intimidated by the teacher ...Because if you piss him/her off ..Man! You are gonna pay during the Practicals.

2. Peer Pressure ..Because no body likes MR. Asksalot , the one who keeps asking questions whose answers no body is intrested to Know.

3. But most of all...its because We don't Care ......and thats because we don't know whats out there after the College days are gone ..


After college , when you collaborate with people from so many differnt backgrounds does'nt matter from which college you are ...What matters is whether you can deliver or not. For that, you need to have knowledge .....

Also , With your degree you may be able to enter the Tech Sector ..But thats not the end ... Ultimately its your habit to question, that will help you amass knowledge continuously and help  you climb the ladder of success (ANd thats a different competition in its self)....


For the students of MBM and the stusdents of Computer science specifically , here's a piece of advice ...

1. You need to work parallely to really understand the subject matter being taught to you and also make your self employable and ready for the IT sector .Which means you need to take extra steps to get certifications that are actually relevant..Certifications that make you stand out ...Oracle /Microsoft/Linux certifications are a very good start ...

2. Our college still got some very  knowledgable teachers(Who are also student Friendly ;)) ...spend  time with them to get to the bottom of the subject matter ......

 3. In the 4 years you will have to study a lot of a courses ....But there are always a few courses which are considered the basics of your respective field ...(For CS students that would be Data structures,Algorithms and C/C++)..Master them as much as you can because no matter where you go, you will be asked about it..


All in all, I feel the biggest Mistake that I ever did in my college days , was not asking enough questions  ......


 These 4 years are your oppurtunity to gain knowledge , do everything in your power to get that ..even if you have to look outside the premises of the college ....




Naveen Jain No activity
Posted by Naveen Jain at 29 Nov 2013


  We have so many members and almost no activity. How can we promote and make it useful for all.


Rashmi Yadav Dr.S.Divakaran founder member
Posted by Rashmi Yadav at 27 Nov 2014

Dr. S . Divakaran is founder meber of alumni. He is in  banglore . He wanted to inform all of you his current  email id is [email protected] 

Rashmi Yadav MBM Alumni Facebook Page
Posted by Rashmi Yadav at 7 May 2013

Hi Friends, 


We also have facebook page .

So if you have any updates about college or anything that you want to share with MBM alumnus you can post here. 


Make sure you like the page also 








Ankita Khandelwal Which is the best option after B.E. in civil engineering?
Posted by Ankita Khandelwal at 8 Jan 2013

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Ajay Rattan Hi! MBMians
Posted by Ajay Rattan at 16 Sep 2012

Dear MBMians,

Let me first congratulate whosoever conceived and executed this idea of having website for our alumni.

All of sudden my memries have taken me back to my college days.

I remember our days, when we had one subject of computer science using Fortran IV. Punch cards were used to work on it. Since the subject carried only 50 marks, we all safely used to ignore that subject.

Who among of us would have have thouht that this small subject is actually going to make entire world very small. Thanks to IT, we are able to think of staying connected with our batchmates.

As everyone has, I also had tough times in my life. But one strong asset which always took me gracefully out of those rough times was Degree and Knowledge that I gained from MBM Engineering college.

Throughout my carrier till date, I have got tremendous respect from my organizations for having Degree from college of repute.

My suggestion is to have some sort of linkage to various websites of alumni and merge them into one strong web site to avoid any sorts of confusion.

Dear MBMians, please keep strengthen our network to make our Alma mater THE BEST

All the very best to all of you!!! 

Rashmi Yadav My Blog more of technical side
Posted by Rashmi Yadav at 5 May 2012

Hello Friends, 


Hope you all doing great!

Wanted to share you guys my Blog which I started writing a while ago. 

This Blog is having more of technical details. Specially related to my work.

But I thought this is great place to share my Blog with you guys. 

Waiting for see more from you guys!

Here is link for my blog





Friends Alumni Newsmakers from College
Posted by Friends Alumni at 29 Apr 2012


Hi Guys,


Send in submissions on your own or on behalf of your friends who've been in the news or if you think what they've done is newsworthy or exceptionally brilliant. We can spread the good word in form of front page coverage of the site as well as in email.





Vijay Goyal hello Bosses
Posted by Vijay Goyal at 29 Apr 2012

plesase share ur YAADE with us...

Friends Alumni Happy New Year 2012
Posted by Friends Alumni at 1 Jan 2012


Praveen K Garg Happy New Year..............
Posted by Praveen K Garg at 1 Jan 2012

Wish U all A very Happy & Prosperous 2012

Ar Praveen K Garg



Friends Alumni Celebration of Golden Jubilee for 1961 and Silver Jubilee for 1986 batch
Posted by Friends Alumni at 29 Oct 2011

We got a news to share with you guys!!


December 2011


Dear MBM Alumni,
We hope you remember the Fout/Five year golden spell of time shared with your batch mates while you were studying for graduation at M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur. You dispersed in 1961/1986 and many of you might not have met again since then. Hence the felicitation of your batch as celebration of Golden Jublilee/Silver /jublilee of your batch shall be organised by your Association at Jodhpur in the month of December, 2011. Your felicitation by Alumni Association aims at reminding and inviting you to review those joyous moments once again, along with spouse and children. This will be the occasion when you will be able to meet your batch mates along with family and make it a memorable event of your life.

Celebration of your graduation as "GOLDEN JUBILEE 1961 BATCH   SILVER JUBILEE 1986 BATCH", will be a grand function. Yoyr presence on this occasion will be a mark of respect to our Institution and teachers who have contributed to build your career.

On behalf of Alumni Association, I therefore request you all to be present with your family on this occasion, without any excuse.

Please inform your complete present details and achievements in the Form of Bio-Data to the Convener of the function, at association's address or mail at [email protected] or fax on 0291-2513121. Your confirmation for attending the function (likely in December 2011) in advance shall be highly appreciated. 

Rashmi Yadav Happy Diwali !!!
Posted by Rashmi Yadav at 25 Oct 2011

Happy Diwali

Friends Alumni Good news
Posted by Friends Alumni at 25 Oct 2011

I know we are late. But we want to share some news with you guys 


Dr. (Mrs.) Jayashri Vajpai recieved award for her exemplory work during the year.

Mr. S.B. Dhoot was awarded Ph. D.

Faculty member Megha Goyal presented paper in the National Seminar - MNIT, Allahabad.



This is a community driven application. We need support from you guys. :-) 

Friends Alumni Holi Greetings
Posted by Friends Alumni at 18 Mar 2011

Happy Holi