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Pavan Kumar Mittal should serial " SUCH KA SAMNA" BE BANNED ??
Posted by Pavan Kumar Mittal at 24 Jul 2009

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Friends Alumni Launching feature for the pictures.....!!!
Posted by Friends Alumni at 22 Jul 2009

Hi Guys, 

First of all many congrats..... we are 200 + now.

Hope you are enjoying this site..

Let's do some more things. 

We are introducing a feature for the pictures.

Every Body want to show their pictures on their profile.

so lets do that... its very simple we have done a flickr intregation with our site...

so when you want to upload any picture just upload it on in your acount.

And give us the only username of your flickr profile. We will fetch the pictures from there and show it to on your profile.

lets try this... hope you will enjoy....

we have done one more thing we have created a profile for MBM on the flickr and uploaded some of the pics there.. have a look into the left side bottom..





Manish Gupta Who will win the 2009 Ashes Series
Posted by Manish Gupta at 22 Jul 2009

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Anu Apurv Saraswat My Thought Odyssey
Posted by Anu Apurv Saraswat at 21 Jul 2009

My Thought odyssey




Thoughts were many and,

I found no reasons why.

Creating tides and shivers in my mind,

But still found myself as an impassive sky…….


The bewildered world tried to overshadow me,

Sailing came my baffling thoughts.

Realized their meaning, analyzed my buckling senses,

Who am I…...,What am I……..,

They grilled my existence,

And stood as an immortal bailey.

Conscience paved my way,

With sufferings and regrets left aside…

I took…, I took…..,

A commitment, an oath, a pledge…


I fought, I fought… the illusory world,

Tried being indomitable.

To prevail archaic verity and divine existence of soul,

The mind felt like the murky sky,

Tears fell like catastrophic landslide,

The fall had a hassling sound…….

But I still managed a solemn smile.


Caroused my tears on the parched loam,

Envisaged the nebulous footprints of success,

The moments cherished, The glory wished …

The success desired …. All that I had aspired,

They were all mine ….. With stupefaction


They came, ….. they came in truss,

Took the enigma away,

Endowing happiness a stay.


Gave the life a new meaning,

The thoughts had a new beginning……..

Deepak Sharma Finally, Nano hits the streets
Posted by Deepak Sharma at 18 Jul 2009

Mumbai: The world's cheapest car, the Tata Nano, hit the streets on Friday, as the first customer got the keys to a vehicle that its makers hope will transform travel for millions of Indians.
    Ashok Raghunath Vichare took delivery of a lunar silver Nano LX model, one of three cars handed over in person by Tata Motors boss Ratan Tata at a city dealership. The 59-year-old customs official from Mumbai said only that he was "very happy" to have got his hands on the car, as he was mobbed by cameras and press photographers.
    His family, who accompanied him to the showroom, said their first drive would be to a nearby Hindu temple to have the vehicle blessed. Mumbai bank worker Ashish Balakrishnan, who took delivery of a sunshine yellow LX model, said he could not wait to "joyride on the Bandra-Worli Sea-Link", a newly opened 5.6-kilometre (3.5-mile) bridge in the city.
    "This is my first car. The price was a major factor," the 29-year-old told reporters. The third car, also a lunar silver LX, was handed over to Kores India Ltd, an office prod
ucts-to-outsourcing firm. Analysts said the delivery was a positive step, after a land dispute forced the firm off the site of a factory it was building to produce the cars in eastern India, fuelling concerns about its ability to meet demand on time. Some 100,000 people were selected from a ballot to be the first recipients of the Nano, which reviewers have compared to the European Smart car and the classic "People's Car", the Volkswagen Beetle.
    They include a roadside cobbler from Mumbai, who had been saving for seven years to buy a two-wheeler, but decided to wait and upgrade to four wheels on hearing that the vehicle would sell for just Rs 1 lakh ($2,055). AFP

Garima Chaudhary Hello! The Initiators n Propagators of this site: ITS AMAZING
Posted by Garima Chaudhary at 18 Jul 2009

The intellectual creating committee of this website has done a wonderful job. Its really a good initiative.  It is the best way to be in touch of our batchmates, seniors and juniors during collge time with whom we have spend four years. I would recommend everyone from MBM to be a part of this online port. Thanks once again! the initiators and creators of this website. Wish you all a very good luck ahead.

Shweta Damor Thanks to the creator of this site
Posted by Shweta Damor at 18 Jul 2009

It's really a great thing to create such a intelligent site.I really thanks to the creator of this site.The site is amzing ,having almost all excellent features.and it is easier to connect to your colleges mates through this site.Congrats and all the best

Friends Alumni Congrets...!!! we are now 100 + in 4 days..
Posted by Friends Alumni at 17 Jul 2009

Hi All,


It's a great pleasure to inform you all guys that we are now 100 plus users on this site in 4 days.

We wish to be keep updating this number as we go.

Congrets to all members of this site.





Man Mohan Garg Should Indian Students go abroad for Higher Studies after the incident of Australia?
Posted by Man Mohan Garg at 17 Jul 2009

Chart?cht=bhg&chxt=y&chxl=0:|yes|it depends on country
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Friends Alumni How to make friends?
Posted by Friends Alumni at 17 Jul 2009

Hi All, 


you can make friends in the following way.


* Click on the "Start Following" link under someone's name. At this stage, you will become their follower and they will be added to your "followings" list.


* The person you started following, will get a notification that you have started following them. If they like you enough, they will come to your profile and click on the "be friends" link on your profile (you will not see that link on your own profile, only they will see it on your profile). 


* Once they click on "Be friends", you both will be remain friends until one of the 2 decide to "not be friends". 


* Once someone decides "not be friends", they fall back on the follower-following relationship.


* You can then further click on the "stop following" link and well stop following the person.






Deepak Sharma Joined today
Posted by Deepak Sharma at 17 Jul 2009

I think all MBM-ites we will benefit a lot from this site I thank the creators of the website for creating such a nice web site

 I feel that the web application should provide the facility to send invitation to all friends on their emails via freind list on sites like orkut, facebook or even email-addresses...................


Bye for now...............