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Message From President


R.K. Agarwal

President, Alumni Association

I welcome you all on the occasion of 27th Annual General Meeting of M.B.M. Engineering College Alumni Association.

Our mission-to make this college a "CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE" in technical education is gaining approval and support from various concerned factions. It is indeed true that this herculean task is not easy, but it is also not impossible.

Our continuous effort and steady approach only shall enable us to realize this dream.

I am thankful to the ever increasing membership and percentage of dedicated alumni spread over the world who are supporting this mission "TAN-MAN-DHAN" so that we are able to keep this fire kindled. Having now taken the initial steps I am sure we shall be able to cover the balance distance at faster speed.

The bug of privatization has bitten "Education" which is now recognized as an Industry. The financial supports at the government level are becoming weak. The glory of Golden Jubiiant institution - "M.B.M." is at stake. It is therefore, the responsibility of Faculty staff & Alumni to work hard and make this college a "Center For Excellence".

With warm Greetings,