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Message From Secretary


Sohan Bhootra

Hon. Secretary, Alumni Association

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming all of you on the occasion of 27th Annual General Meeting, today at our Association on behalf of Alumni Association and on my personal behalf.

I am extremely delighted to present the 27th Annual Report for the year 2002-2003 to this August House.

I welcome all our beloved alumni of our alma mater irrespective of whether they have yet become member or not, and are whether present in the house or not. I welcome them all from my inner core of my heart.

The year 2002-2003 and onward is the year, which witnessed continuous activities and a milestone of our commitment under the mission statement – To do all possible efforts to make our College – a Center of Technical Excellence not only at National level but of International repute.

I make a sincere appeal to all of you with my folded hands to commit yourself for the mission set through our Association for the noble cause of our alma mater.

Now, I shall like to present in brief the current activities of Alumni Association which are as under :

* M.B.M. Engg. College Alumni Association transferred from General fund Account a sum of Rs. 45,000/- to Scholarship deposit account of Alumni Association to enhance amount of scholarship from Rs. 25000/- to 70,000/- in order to award a Scholarship of Rs. 5000/- p.a. to student in category of “Ward of Deceased Alumni” as per decision of Executive Meeting held on 06.01.2003.

* President, Hon. Secretary and Treasurer for the period of 1.4.2003 to 31.3.2005 were elected as per Article 4.4 of Constitution of Alumni Association, as per decision of Executive Meeting held on 06.01.2003.

* Shri N N Narhari – Executive Director has decided to award a fellowship to one M.E. student in Mining Engg. through Association in memory of his grand father late Shri Shiv Pratap Mathur in name of “Shri Shiv Pratap Mathur Memory Fellowship” by depositing Rs. 2,50,000 with Association for the purpose.

* 1972 Batch also contributed Rs. 2,25,000 for awarding scholarship to four students of B.E. IInd Year.

* Various Committees were formed and co-opted Members were elected as per Executive Meeting on 05.04.2003.

* Release of Golden Jubilee Souvenir and Valedictory Function was held in presence of Chief Guest Dr. (Smt.) Naseem Bhatia on 24.5.2003. The guest of honour in the said function were Ex. V C Prof. S C Goyal, JNVU, Jodhpur, Ex. V.C. Prof. M L Mathur, JNVU, Jodhpur, Ex. V C Prof. L .S. Rathore. A large number of local Alumni participated in the said function.

* For reinforcing and enhancing fellowship - Family Get-together programme for Alumni of Jodhpur Chapter was organized on 17th August, 2003 on contributory basis at “Fun World”. This programme was organized under conveneship of Shri Surendra Gupta and this was a grand success. The function was followed by dinner and a cultural programme was performed by alumni member and children.

* Silver Jubilee of 1978 Batch and Golden Jubilee of 1953 Batch were celebrated on 10th and 11th January, 2004. 1978 Batch Alumni has taken up a project to construct lecture theatre in M.B.M. Engg. College and the construction is in progress. Its foundation stone was laid down by Prof. A D Bohra, Dr.(Smt.) Naseem Bhatia and Prof. (Dr.) M.L. Mathur.

* Renewal for Income Tax Exemption Certificate under rule 1961 u/s 80-G were granted on 16.01.04 for the period from 1.4.2003 to 31.3.2005 by I.T. Commissioner.

* ENCARTA-2003 function was held in the College by Students under the auspices of Alumni Association.

* A project of Library up gradation work taken up by Jecoba, Delhi chapter. Many effective steps are already taken like installation of Computer along with soft ware, (accessable on-line on internet), data feeding of books started, Air Conditioner and furniture.

* Foundation stone was laid down to construct six additional rooms in existing girls hostel No. 10 by Shri Chander Prakash Mittal on 19.02.2004.

* Gold Medal & Scholarship Award Ceremony was held on 25th Jan. 2004 in presence of Dr. (Smt.) Naseem Bhatia. A sum of Rs. 85,000/- were awarded to students with Certificate.

Gold Medal instituted by Goyal Family in memory of Late Prof. S C Goyal since 2003 to award the student who obtained highest marks in B.E. in Civil Engg. The Gold Medal was awarded in name of “Satish Kunti Goyal Memorial – Gold Medal 2003”. Shri Vinay Tak was presented the Gold Medal on this occasion.

* A valuable contribution of U.S. $ 15,000 received from Er. Chander Prakash Mittal, U.S.A. on 11.3.2003.

* Gymnasium is equipped by providing latest equipment by Association.

* Five new patron members joined the Association.


Present membership strength of our Association is 5338. The details of membership statistics is annexed. Member of alumni are showing keen interest to become life, fellow or patron members of the Association and request further to non-alumni to join us to strengthen the Association by becoming life, fellow or patron membership category.

Associate Member

Our efforts are continuing to open chapters and subchapters in all the important cities of India and abroad. 16 chapters in India and 5 chapters abroad are running JECOBA activities.


We express heart-full condolences on the said demise of Prof. S C Goyal, Shri Vinod Verma (1973), Shri Sunil Shah, Shri Purshotam Garg (1974) during this year.

We pray the almighty God to give peace to the soul and give strength to family members to hear this irreparable loss.


First of all I would like to thank the almighty God by grace of which the Alumni Association could be able to achieve goals as set before.

I am thankful to Shri N N Narhari – Executive Director, who generously donated Rs. 250000/- to give Fellowship to one student of M.E. in Mining Engg.

I am thankful to 1972 Batch, who contributed Rs. 2,25,000 for awarding scholarship to four students of B.E. IInd Year.

We are extremely thankful to Dr. (Smt.) Naseem Bhatia, Vice Chancellor of J.N.V.U., Jodhpur, Late Prof. S C Goyal, Ex V.C. and Prof. M L Mathur, Ex V. C. of JNVU, Jodhpur, who were kind enough to spare precious time on the occasion of Valedictory Function of Golden Jubilee Year in 2001of M.B.M. Engineering College and release of Souvenir related to the Golden Jubilee Year and to grace the occasion by conceding to our request for being Chief guest, presiding guest and guests of honour on 24th May, 2003.

We would like to thank Shri Surendra Gupta and his team for good arrangement for family get-together programme on 17th August, 2003. A special thanks also goes to Shri A R Kumbhat for collecting funds to organize the function.

We extremely thank all the Committee of 1978 Batch and 1953 Batch who arranged and celebrated a grand Silver Jubilee of 1978 Batch and Golden Jubilee of 1953 batch. Shri N K Jain, Convener of Jubilee function, Shri N K Kansara – 1978 Jubilee Programme Coordinator did herculian task for the Jubilee function.

The Association has no words to express their sincere thanks to Prof. V P Gupta, Dean, Faculty of Engg., M B M Engg. College, Jodhpur who extended all possible help by all means to ensure the success of Silver cum Golden Jubilee function this year as well as other function in college.

I shall like to thank all faculty teaching & non-teaching staff and all the students of the college for their continuing support and to supplement the activities of Association.

I shall also like to thank all alumni who have donated generously for Endowment Fund, Capital Fund Corpus.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all press and media who extended their help in publishing our press releases and news in their news paper like Rajasthan patrika, Dainik Bhaskar, Jalte Deep, Dainik Pratinidhi, Times of India, Hindustan Times.

I would like to thank Shri Rakesh Balia, C.A. of M/s Balia Chowdhary & Co., for auditing the books of accounts and for their advice. I would like to thanks to Shri Mahaveer Chowdhary, C.A. for getting renewal of I.T. Exemption.

I would like to thank Shri S C Chowdhary who has spared his valuable time immensely for supporting me and Association in all activities.

I would also like to thank to Shri A R Kumbhat, Chanchal Mal Chordia, Jai Ram Swarankar, , N K Kansara, N K Jain, Ramesh Tak, Satish Chandra Chowdhary, R P Tiwari, S K Bhargava, Vikas Kapoor and Madam Jaishree Vajpayee for their active and vibrant role in making Alumni Association’s activities more effectively and successfully.

I would like to thank all those who have contributed directly or indirectly in making our function a success.

I would like to thank Shri Deepak Singh Rathore, Office Incharge of Alumni Association for his tremendous service in all types of office work. I thank Shri Amar Chand Purohit for good maintenance of garden and office cleaning.

To give thanks to our leader and president Shri R K Agarwal is not possible at my end, as entire dream could come true only because of his dynamic leadership and untiring hard work. Therefore I request the house to extend thanks by clapping in his honour.

Thanks to all. Sohan Bhootra Hon. Secretary Alumni Association